Behind the scenes

Only those familiar with the roots,
know the strength of the branches.

Peter Amendt


Treppenlif Hersteller Hawle

Strong roots

What connects a stair lift with industrial cast parts and fittings?

Simple: Heinz Engelbert Hawle.

When Heinz Engelbert Hawle with his colleague Hans Fach founded Hawle Armaturen GmbH in Freilassing directly outside the gates of Salzburg in 1967, stairlifts had never crossed his mind.

Instead he began developing and producing premium fittings for the municipal gas and water supply. In order to consistently ensure the highest quality required for the cast parts, we took over the „Duktil Guss Fürstenwalde“ foundry near Berlin in 1995.

Entrepreneurial vision, know-how and a clear commitment to Germany as the place of production made Hawle the market leader in the years that followed.

When Heinz Engelbert Hawle was suddenly confronted by a walking impairment due to illness, he did not want to lose his mobility and independence under any circumstances.

The unsuccessful search for the right stairlift once again led him to the thought: If you want something good, build it yourself.

Hawle Treppenlifte was founded in 2004 and every lift we manufacture is one-of-a-kind to this day. Tailored to the structural conditions and personal requirements of every single customer.

Hawle Treppenlifte – we make lifts for generations.


Treppenlifte Hawle - Geschichte

Engelbert HawleEngelbert Hawle

Mr. Engelbert Hawle passed away on 2nd February 2008. We will always remember him and we are willing to continue working according to his spirit and principles.