Stairlift - curved stairs


Stairlift curved stairsStairlift for curved stairs

Example - Stairlift HW 10

Our Stairlift gives a lot of people the opportunity despite health restrictions to live at their familiar surroundings. At this it is immaterial if the existing staircase is straight or winding. We are able to build your perfect solution.


Stairlift curved stairs

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Every home is unique

Hawle Stairlift for curved stairsThis is the reason why we produce a customized lift for your staircase. This installation is also optically adapted to fit the best way to your personal setting. The upholsteries and even more the rails are selectable in many colors. Difficult structural conditions are also no problem: if old or new building – a HAWLE stairlift conquers even steepest stair with up to 75° inclination and therefore it is best choice for spiral staircases.

A good planning allows boarding the lift safely outside the flight of the stairs. If the lift is not needed you fold him up and park him with minimum space requirements. Even if you need a lift on outdoor areas is our lift is ideally suited.

By its enormous flexibility we will always find your perfect solution.



Technical Data

Well-designed and absolutely reliable

Hawle stairlift for curved stairsWith the HW 10 our engineers created a stairlift which combines technical innovations with attractive design. So it is not only convenient, useful and reliable but even visually outstanding. They have elaborate construction and the used materials have the highest quality and trustworthiness.



Hawle stairlift for curved stairs



For distinct technical questions our team is available for you.




Colour pattern examples for stairlift model HW 10

- seat pad coverings -

HAWLE Stairlift - color